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In the beginning of his career as a drummer Troy Luccketta played in bands such as Whisper, Benny and the Jets, 415 and the Eric Martin Band. In more recent years Troy’s drums can be heard on the records of Doris Day and Freda Payne’s R&B and various artists shown below.

Troy Luccketta’s longtime career as a drummer has been a dream come true.  Troy began his journey into music at the young age of 10.

Troy Luccketta at age 17

Taking the path of continual gratitude has kept him humble while obtaining  success and notoriety throughout his long and ongoing career. Troy is most who achieved popularity beginning in the mid 1980’s. He has also gained much recognition in other facets of the music industry.  As a drummer, producer, teacher, and activist, Troy’s accomplishments have stretched outside the parameter of his career with Tesla.