Current Live Set Up

Drums: Tama Star Maple in Satin Burgundy Red finish
A. 6×14 Starphonic brass snare
B. 14×14 floor tom
C. 7×8 tom
D. 7×10 tom
E. 8×12 tom
F. 14×16 floor tom
G. 9×13 tom
H. 15×18 floor tom
I. 16×22 bass drum

Hardware: Tama Power Tower rack system (customized by John Aldridge), Iron Cobra Power Glide double bass drum pedal, Iron Cobra Lever Glide hi-hat stand, Star snare stands, and 1st Chair throne

Sticks: Promark Millennium series

Cymbals: Zildjian
1. 18″ China
2. 12″ A Custom splash
3. 14″ K Light hi-hats
4. 19″ K Custom Hybrid crash
5. 12″ hi-hats
6. 23″ A Sweet ride
7. 19″ K Custom Dark crash
8. 14″ A Custom EFX crash
9. 20″ A Custom EFX crash

Heads: Evans Level 360 G12 Coated tom and snare batters and GMAD bass drum batter

Accessories: LP cowbell, Tama RW200 metronome, Audio-Technica microphone

Interview and photos by Sayre Berman (read interview)